For more than 10 years, one of the missions of the URGV (Unité de Recherche en Génomique Végétale) has been to develop innovative tools for plant genomics and offer them to the plant science community. Building onto the expertise of the URGV research teams which covers many areas of plant genomics including bioinformatics, functional genomics, proteomics and genome structure analysis in various plant species, the URGV Plant Platforms (UPP) offer researchers of the plant community several cutting edge-technologies associated with robust analysis capacities and strong expertise in the following areas :

Analysis of protein complexes by TAP-tag in Arabidopsis thaliana

High throughput cloning of Arabidopsis ORFs

Saturation mutagenesis in various plant species to identify leader alleles using improved Tilling strategy

Positional cloning of genes of agronomic importance in crop and model species

Transcriptome analysis in Arabidopsis and other crop species

Combining these analyses offers the opportunity to develop systems biology approaches in virtually any plant species.

In addition to the back up of the URGV research teams, UPP benefit from their close proximity with the sequencing facilities of the Genomic Institute which is part of France Génomique and from the support of the Génopole and the Saclay Plant Science Labex.