Projects 2012


-National projects:


* ANR: Deciphering the MAPK-IPS1 interaction matrix
Coord. H. Hirt, Coll. C. Bergounioux, M. Garmier
* ANR: Cell wall integrity pathway
Coord. H. Höfte, Coll. H. Hirt
* ANR: Chromatin MAPK
Coord. D. Pflieger, Coll. H. Hirt, B. Schwikowski


-International projects:

ERA SysBio

* EU: Heat and drought stress tolerance
Coord. BPS, Coll. H. Hirt, R. Serrano, J. Kudla, Semillas-Fito,
* EU: Microbial infection of plants and humans
Coord. J. Klein-Seethamaran, Coll. B. Oliva, A. Gammerman,
V. Jansen, J. Mas, H. Hirt, G. Coulton