Positional Cloning

Cloning and characterisation of genes of agronomic importance,
Abdel Ihafid Bendahmane

Cloning work flow
Creation of a catalogue of genes of agronimic importance
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Establishment of HTP positional cloning tools
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Isolation and characterisation of the cloned genes


- MELRIP: ERAPG 2007 - 2010
- MicroTrAc: ANR 2007 - 2008
- Cloning of the D locus in peach: INRA 2006 - 2009
- Cloning of the Dgl locus in pea: GLIP FP6 2005 - 2007
- Cloning of Phy5 ANR 2006 - 2010
- Cloning of the sex genes A and G INRA 2005 - 2007

Main achievements since 2003

  • - 4 patents
  • - 11 papers published
  • - 1 submitted and 6 in preparation
  • - Cloning of the first sex determination genes in plants


red = Cloned orange = in progress


  • Monoecy in melon: A locus
    M. Pitrat and C. Dogimont, INRA Avignon
  • Gynoecy in melon: G locus
    M. Pitrat and C. Dogimont, INRA Avignon
  • Male fertility restoration locus in rapeseed: Rfo locus
    M. Renard, INRA, Rennes; F. Budard, INRA, Versailles
  • Resistance to potyviruses in pepper: Pvr2 locus
    C. Caranta and A. Palloix, INRA, Avignon
  • Resistance to Carmoviruses in melon: NSV locus
    C. Dogimont, INRA, Avignon, C.G. Mass, Barcelona
  • Aphid resistance in melon: Vat locus
    M. Pitrat and C. Dogimont, INRA, Avignon
  • Powdery mildiou resistance in melon: locus PmW
    M. Pitrat and C. Dogimont, INRA, Avignon
  • Resistance to Phytophtora capsici in pepper: Phy5 locus
    V. Lefebvre, INRA, Avignon
  • Iron signaling in pea: DGL locus
    C. Ramau, INRA, Versailles, F. Gaymard, INRA, Montpellier
  • Fruit acidity in peach: D locus
    E. Dirlewanger, INRA, Bordeaux
  • Cloning 5 genes controling PTGS via miRNAs
    O. Voinnet, CNRS, Strasbourg