If you want more information or make a request for collaborations,
Please contact: Sandrine BALZERGUE : Platform Manager, Engineer, balzerg@evry.inra.fr,

Rémi BOUNON: Technician, bounon@evry.inra.fr,

José CAIUS : Technical assistant, caius@evry.inra.fr, (half-time)

Mercedes GIL : PhD student coming from Argentina, (September 2014-Febuary 2015)

Stéphanie HUGUET : Technician, huguet@evry.inra.fr,

Dario MONACHELLO: Engineer, monachello@evry.inra.fr,

Stéphanie PATEYRON : Technician, pateyron@evry.inra.fr,

Ludivine SOUBIGOU-TACONNAT: RMQ, Research Assistant, taconnat@evry.inra.fr,






-   The Genomic Network team and Organellar Gene
        Expression team supports our Platform :
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-   Former members on transcriptomic
        platform in 2014:


        Cécile Labrune:CDD Engineer on Platform receipts.